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April 4, 2009

Social Media is the new age of communication to build a solid brand advocacy and referrals to your business.

“The amount of time people spend online has, for the first time ever, surpassed the amount of time spent watching television.” Nielsen Online,”10th Australian Internet and Technology Report” confirms that there is several popular social news sites powered by millions of users that exist today.

The major attraction for a business to start building their “Social Brand” is:

Creating brand connection by engaging with your visitors
Creating sales opportunities without selling
Increasing the popularity of your business amongst a targeted audience, resulting in building your brand
Generating traffic to your website, thus creating new business opportunities
Interacting with your community, providing you the opportunity to build business intelligence which will assist in refining your business offering
With their popularity only growing, it is important to leverage social sites as a platform to boost your business, through content and links that get exposed to the user community. In a rapidly transforming digital world, Social Media Marketing offers a new avenue in online marketing.

A popular piece of content or relevant links on these sites is viewed by countless bloggers hungry for stories to blog about. Strategic naming convention will show your blogs, articles and profile to rank very high in Google in a reasonable amount of time.

Do you need help getting your business noticed?

Do you realise that back links (links from other sites to yours) are the answer, but you don’t know how to get those links created?

Are you so busy building your business that you are overlooking the most powerful and cost effective marketing tool on the Internet today?

Problem: Social Media Optimisation is fantastic but time consuming… it takes a couple of hours to set one profile and link it to various bookmarks, so imagine doing it on the top 24 brands!
Solutions: X2 provides you a dedicated team to implement your profiles in the top 10 Social Networks, then to set-up your Blog and first article and start ranking in the major search engines by using the top 10 Social Bookmarks and Blog listings.
Your dedicated staff will then liaise with you to provide you all your user names and passwords for you to maintain. It’s that easy! To get Tips & e-Boos JOIN our FREE Digital Talent Academy

Our service is provided by our dedicated Professional Social Media Optimisation Team.
Each client account is 100% manually created by our professional team.
X2 will create your account and register your personal/business profile with 24 of the most Popular Social Sites for your business.
You will then be provided a list with all your login details.

This list includes the following:

Registration and setup of your profiles with the 10 most popular “Social Networking” sites
Registration and setup of your profile with the 10 most popular Social Bookmarks
Blog Registration of your profile and setup of your first Article and Blog listings

Your dedicated staff will then liaise with you to provide you all your user names and passwords for you to maintain. It’s that easy! ENQUIRE NOW

Twitter is a new way to communicate to friends, family, work mates, and clients and is taking the world by storm.

Tweet Later allows you to automate some of your activities. With this website, you can schedule Tweets to go out at set dates and times in the fuutre, can auto follow anyone that starts following you, and send them a nice welcome message.
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